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Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery

Monday, May 2, 2016

Trust and Intuition

by Carrie Schubert

Our intuition develops more the longer we are sober. As the inner chatter minimalizes, we begin to hear and feel the connection we have with a ‘Higher Power.’
As I begin to trust and rely on a power greater than me, I become aware of the sensations in my body when I’m heading in a direction or on a path that isn’t right for me. I begin to trust the feelings instead of analyzing and dismissing them.
When I’m upset — whether frightened or angry — it’s hard to see what choices are available. How can you see clearly through a dust storm of fear or anger? If I bring it back to faith of a ‘Higher Power’ that has my back, I can remain calm enough to see there are choices in front of me. They say the path gets narrower. That is so true. 

Stopping the Chatter 

The advantage to staying clean and sober is that I get to be aware of my thinking, it becomes loud and clear. I realize I am not my thinking and I don’t always have to act on it. If the dialogue in my head is self-deprecating, I can notice it and not have to buy into it. It is possible to actually ‘change the channel’ and replace our thinking with a pleasant outcome or visualization of a happy place; beach, mountains, waterfall. 

Taking a walk, hike, or run and focusing on my surroundings, helps to bring me back to where my feet are and gives me a calming effect. 

In early sobriety, my head was not my friend. It was the voice of a critical and judgmental person. It was the kind of dialogue that would put me into a funk. They were the thoughts that would always tell me the worst case scenario. With a lot of practice, the only voice that speaks loud and clear, is the one that’s loving, supportive, and encouraging. Try it and practice, practice, practice.

Carrie is in long term sobriety and the author of In The Wake of Lies. She is also a clairvoyant/psychic consultant, medium, and certified hypnotherapist. For more visit carrieshubert.com.