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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Being Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

LIFE 101
by Coach Cary Bayer  www.carybayer.com

One of a human being’s deepest desires is to be part of something bigger than himself or herself. This urge is so universal that it finds its expression in a virtually infinite range of forms. Depending on your level of consciousness, the thing that you can be a part of might be a tennis team that you play for; a sports team you root for; a club you’ve joined; a political party you volunteer for; a church or synagogue group you donate your time to; a cause you believe in; a charity you fund raise for; or, if you’re something of a yogi like me, the Universe that you want to be at one with. The wonderful thing about being a human being is that you can find fulfillment at any of these or a myriad of other bigger than your self causes that you like.

What’s interesting about the power of the meditator or the yogi is that the thing that they want to be a part of that’s bigger than themselves is the Universe itself which, when they fulfill their spiritual quest, turns out to be their Self. But not the body that they look at in the mirror or the personal self that they show the world, but the transpersonal Self that they can contact in meditation at the quietest level of the mind, in the Transcendent itself.

Watching the 2015 World Series, I was struck by the passionate way in which New York Mets fans were roaring and cheering, “Let’s go Mets” to inspire their heroes on almost every pitch. They were rabid for their heroes, ballplayers who wouldn’t know any of those fans if they met them at a party, not that these players with multi-million-dollar contracts are likely to be hanging out at parties with the bus drivers or house painters who scream their lungs out for them. Looking closely, I saw how these fans were strengthened by the 40,000 other fans, who similarly cheered their athletes who represented their city, in their stadium. It’s as if these Mets were defending New York against the men of Kansas City, whose Royals were attempting to attack the Big Apple itself. This powerful fan support echoed the long-ago love that women and children had for the brave men who defended their cities against those who’d invade them.

This impulse to be part of something bigger than yourself isn’t good or bad, it’s just natural. I’m amused by it when, while driving in a gated community to visit a friend, I’m waved at by pedestrians who assume that I live there and are thus part of that something bigger that they’re part of—namely the community. This wanting to be part of something bigger than yourself, however, can be negative when there’s anger or hostility directed at those who aren’t part of that same something bigger—like a different political party, a different nation, or a different religion. Lord knows, much blood has spilled among nations and religions toward those who weren’t part of those nations or religions.

The good news about being part of something bigger than yourself when it’s aligned with the Universe is that there’s no hostility toward those who aren’t so inclined. What’s more, when you’ve successfully become one with the Universe—at peace with all there is—compassion swells in the heart. One who’s gone beyond his individual ego and its small concerns to be part of all that there is has become identified with that which is bigger than himself, giving him the serenity to care for all those around him, no matter what they look like; no matter what their political affiliation happens to be; no matter what religion they belong to or don’t belong to; no matter what their sexual orientation happens to be, and so forth.

Such a person can look at humanity and say quietly in his heart, “Let’s go Men, let’s go Women!”  And work to make our planet a healthy place for all to live in, no matter what group they’re a part of.