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Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Haves or the Have Nots – It is a Choice

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away – I was thinking how the word gratitude is probably spoken more often than any other day of the year. We’re openly grateful and thankful for our families, friends, the food we eat and the blessings in our lives. 

What about the other 364 days of the year? 

Do I focus on what I have or have not? Sometimes the have nots take over my thinking and the domino effect can quickly spiral into the could’as, should’as, how comes, and why didn’t (or did) _______(fill in the blank) ______ happen?

If I choose to tag along with that thinking I can easily dig a deep hole and jump in. Thankfully, through the years of practicing a fairly easy and powerful program of living, I’m always given a hand up.

Whether or not I see it all the time, life is perfect…which means I accept what is, and it is not always an easy task.

There are events I sometimes wish I could change; the most obvious not having to lose Bill, my husband and best friend to cancer. 

The first few years after he passed were difficult as I searched for anything to be grateful for.  My family of friends and support stepped up, encouraging me to take another step.  

Everything I have or am today is because I opened my eyes and heart to a life in recovery. 

 I’m thankful, blessed and honored to walk this path with you — very grateful, and never alone.