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Friday, July 31, 2015

God Opens Doors No Man Can Shut

God Opens Doors No Man Can Shut

by Barbara Nicholson-Brown

Why the seven words above resonate with me is easy to explain.

When I made a commitment to recovery — the first, and most important door of all opened right then. As frightened and fearful as I was, I walked through it.

Little did I know how many doors would shut through the years, yet others opened at just the perfect moment. 

I’ve fought to keep some open as they closed, and wanted to run past others that were opening without even peeking in.
I’ve come to realize this....

I do not always KNOW what is best for me. 

I must remember many times a day, that a great power, a loving and generous God of my own understanding —has the plan. I do not.

Everything does unfold the way it is supposed to. So I need to practice patience. It’s so easy to leap ahead and create ‘the results’ in my mind before ‘the results’ are in. 

Listen. Be still. Breathe. God knows what to do and He’s not on my clock.

I’ll let the waves of my life ebb and flow in their own perfect rhythm, and walk through the next door God opens for me, because one thing is for sure — I will not walk through it alone.