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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone to Watch Over Me

While finalizing this edition, I decided to listen to some Sinatra and “Someone to Watch Over Me,” began to play. I smiled, felt a chill, closed my eyes for a few seconds and thanked my Higher Power for allowing me to be alive and most importantly become a woman in long term recovery.

When I was active in my addiction I sure gave my “guardian angels” a run for their wings. One angel in particular comes to mind. He was a New York cab driver and I believe he saved my life one snowy, dark, freezing night in the city.

My intention was to meet some friends for dinner. All I had to do was take one subway, walk a few blocks and meet them at a restaurant. But before I left my place, I decided to down two bottles of cheap red wine for a buzz. Well, the buzz hit quick and once out in the cold — I was instantly drunk.

Stumbling to the subway, I somehow managed to get on the right train, even off at the right stop  — and then — blackout.

It was hours later when I heard someone call out.... “Hey lady what are you doing over there?” Immediately I came to, looked at my surroundings, then panicked.  It was past midnight, I was near the Hudson River in an area I wouldn’t dare visit during daylight hours. All of a sudden a cab pulled up next to me and the driver told me to get in. I did.

This gentle giant drove to my building, escorted me to the door, asked for the keys, opened the two entry doors to the foyer and walked me to the elevator. I was crying, embarrassed, scared and full of shame. And in my drunken stupor thought “here we go, he’s going to kill me.” He pressed the number 4 for my floor, then told me to take care of myself and vanished. He is an angel I will never forget. (I never did make it to dinner with that night with my friends.)

I truly believe God sent that angel to lend a hand to a helpless drunk like me. And, there’s no doubt someone is watching over me.