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Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hidden Gem in the Desert

By Irene Mit

Nestled deep in the Foothills of Tucson, lies Taste Of Peace, a safe, sober living home for women over 18 years of age. Many of them come for help and healing from alcoholism, substance abuse, trauma, and self-harming behaviors. 

Taste Of Peace offers panoramic, majestic views of nature’s beauty and peace and is a beautiful, 
spacious home in secure surroundings, but most importantly, women can find safety, anonymity, with a focus on personalized recovery.

At a big brown rustic table every evening dinner is the social event of the day where positive thoughts are shared like the traditional family dinner used to be.

The house styled in a mixture of Southwestern and Modern offers amenities such as cardio equipment, large beds with pillow top mattresses, walk-in closets and private baths. The view thru the huge windows or from one of the porches is breathtaking. Residents are taken on outings, have movie nights, meetings together and more.

In an interview with Leilonne Neylon, co-founder and director she said, “Taste Of Peace is more than a halfway house. It is about learning to live happily and successfully free from addiction, emotional attachments to trauma, and other unhealthy behaviors. Women are taught to love and respect themselves and others; to pursue their individual dreams and rid themselves of what is holding them back.”

Taste Of Peace was not founded for profit. Rather, Taste Of Peace, is for the purpose of providing women a safe, sober home to live in while they work their individual recovery.” 

The decision to open is connected with Leilonne Neylon’s life. She is recovering from alcoholism, trauma, and PTSD and has devoted her life to helping other women live the fulfilling life that she has found in recovery.

It has become more apparent to referring practitioners, as well as clients and families that women who come to Taste Of Peace sickly and downtrodden, experience remarkable improvement in a relatively short span of time. Neylon attributed the transformations to “hyperpersonalized care, attention and direction received throughout the stay. The individualized care helps women transition to independence with a strong recovery foundation and support network.” She also emphasized that 

Taste Of Peace only accepts women willing to do the work necessary to change their lives; those who are serious about life-long recovery.

For instance on a cold December evening, a woman named Maria walked through the front door of Taste of Peace. Her therapist recommended she move in to ensure safety and support while furthering her recovery. Maria had spent over 45 days in rehab, and arrived with a bag full of medications. She was scared, traumatized and confused.

Maria is an journalist recovering from depression, trauma, anxiety and PTSD. She is also living with bipolar and ADHD. Initially, she barely spoke except when spoken to, and when she did, she could scarcely be heard.  She tried to isolate. Two months later her story is quite different. Maria is now full of laughter, is no longer reliant medications, no longer isolates, she participates. 
Maria’s success is the result of the environment provided — the individual working formula for each resident’s recovery.

Another resident Annie, said: “I would describe Taste Of Peace as a safe haven for women who are recovering from addiction and trauma. This is an environment for women to overcome their problems as well as learn new tools and coping skills; to transition out of their past and be able to see the beauty inside each and every one of them. While living here, the staff works with each individual’s needs to ensure we receive the care we need.” My stay has been a success. Before I arrived, I was broken. I have lived in difficult circumstances since childhood and the stress led me towards my addictions because I did not have the right coping skills I needed in order to handle physical and emotional abuse. I finally had the opportunity to wake up every morning feeling safe, as well as supported. Throughout the day I attend Intensive Outpatient treatment and 12 step meetings. Living here I feel whole again. I have the biggest support system now and I know I’m not alone anymore! Taste Of Peace has saved my life and I know for a fact that it will help save every woman who comes in with willingness.”

Taste Of Peace with all it offers is a true gem and definitely a place to consider solidifying one’s own sobriety, or as often is the case for a woman who has been lost and is now working to get back on track, when home is not the best place to accomplish this. Once having spent a fair amount of time at Taste Of Peace, women are ready to return home or establish their lives on solid footing.
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