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Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Out of My Mind

Most of us are going out of our minds, meaning we operate and guide our daily lives from that part of who we are. 

There are a couple of problems with doing that. The first one is, it’s a bit like looking at the world through a straw. It leaves us very limited in our perception because we are not seeing all that is available to us in order to make the best possible decisions. In addition, we are missing some very important tools available to us. Another problem is we have difficulty distinguishing between our mind, our soul and our spirit.

To help us understand a bit better, imagine a huge telephone cable with three large cables inside. The whole cable is one unit however, it contain three other cables with distinctly different jobs called mind, soul and spirit. 

Our mind is that part of us that deals with business as usual in our day-to-day process. We learn, we work, we apply new awareness and we seek new information in order to run our lives efficiently. It holds our human fear and the human joy we experience.

The mind is also where the ego resides and its job is not only to push us toward achievements but also to protect us. So, it may often tell us things such as… “Don’t try out for that job; you’ll never get it.” Or, it might say, “you better watch out, your wife is cheating, or you really looked like a klutz in that meeting. Next time keep you mouth shut.” 

When your ego says things like that to you, it is trying to protect you from the humiliation or pain you may have experienced as a child. Its worries are seldom true and are mostly from the past. So the best thing you can do is imagine those voices to be in the back seat of the car you are driving through life and just turn around and tell them to settle down because you’ve got this!

Your soul is that part of you that contains all of your life experiences from incarnation after incarnation. It has eons of experience and knowledge and when you are in touch with it you are wiser. Those feelings of deja vu, or I have been here or done this before come from your soul experiences. It is the accumulation of all that you are and all you have learned.

Your Spirit is that part of you that is connected to the creative energy or Divine Mind in the Universe. In much the same way a drop of water is part of the ocean, we are part of that energy and we have access to all that it is and knows when we are consciously connected to it. It is essentially light and truth. When we think of good and evil, what we are really experiencing is either an alignment with that source or being out of alignment. Evil is literally translated missing the mark or operating out of alignment with the creative processor Spirit. As we awaken to all of our potential, we are better able to embrace the power of bringing all these aspects of ourselves to the process of creating our lives and manifesting joy.

So lets play with this process a bit. Lets say you are awake, using all parts of your mind, soul and spirit, and suddenly you believe Mr. or Miss Right just walked through the door. You are instantly smitten! Mind says Va Va Voom! Get up and go for it!

Soul says …Wait a minute take your time. She’s feeling awfully familiar. Are we repeating a pattern from the past? 

And spirit says… Okay, You deserve a relationship and are ready for it. Let’s get to know her and find out if she is someone who can support you in being your highest and best self without all those side trips into drama and chaos.

The point, of course, is that when you are using all the parts of who you are to make decisions, the chance that you will make successful, self-loving choices that are aligned with your purpose is greatly increased. Therefore, I invite you to go out of your mind. Have a sit down with your soul and spirit and make your decisions from a place that is balanced with all three. 

What you discover will be amazing…because you are.