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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dedicated to Bill

Dedicated to Bill

It’s hard to believe this month marks the 5th year since the passing of not only my husband, but the founder of this newspaper, Bill Brown. 
Bill volunteering for Crystal Darkness

While the last five years have been quite a ride without him by my side — my journey of recovery has deepened and dedication to this paper has never wavered.

Bill started this paper when he was a year and a half sober. His vision was to reach our community, providing resourceful information to help others realize life can be quite magnificent without the shackles of drugs or alcohol that drags many of us into the darkness.

Nothing was more important to him than helping someone. I wonder how many times he handed out his phone number or a big Book. Being of service was his mission. I know for a fact — he never said No when asked to be of assistance. 

Am I making it sound like he walked on water? 

Oh, he had his quirks and faults, like all of us — but there was always a beaming ray of hope emanating from his twinkling eyes and the combination of his kind and open heart, and openness to share his own story.

Nothing came before his sobriety or his Higher Power. 

Nothing. Not his work, his son, me, or his golf game!

Every day for Bill started with meditation and prayer. I still have his stack of morning reading books by my bedside. Most pages are highlighted in yellow with notes and scribbles I still can’t decipher. The binding on his Big Book is tattered — and many of the pages are hanging on by barely a thread. Yet when I hold that book, there is always a sense of peace surrounding me.

Even though Bill is no longer physically with us, his spirit and love live on — there is nothing better for an addict or alcoholic in recovery than trudging this path together.