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Sunday, March 1, 2015


Arizona Recovery Housing Association urges you to call your Representative in opposition to HB 2563

Update: AzRHA and NARA are working together with other stakeholders at the legislature to find a resolution to concerns regarding Prescott and HB2563. We feel confident that the commitment of our associations to offer a self regulated industry that works with our communities and provides an important service with best practices in mind will be highlighted through this stakeholder process. We look forward to finding a solution that works for Prescott and the providers. “

A bill before the AZ Legislature — HB 2563 is attempting to require non-medical recovery housing providers (sober living) to become licensed under ADBHS. If you are a sober living house and want to operate you would need to meet the criteria which a licensed facility must pass. This goes against everything AzRHA has worked at for so long. It violates Federal Fair Housing Law because addicts and alcoholics are a protected class— this bill unfairly targets them.

What Can You Do? 

We must act and let our representatives know how we will be adversely impacted, how our business will not be able to operate if this bill passes, and how many thousands of Arizonans will likely become homeless if we can’t provide our services. 
You will need to call your representative in the House for your legislative district and call the committee members debating this bill. Everyone should do this — operators, stakeholders, alumni, anyone who has been helped by sober living. You have a voice and it must be heard to make a difference. 

Talking Points

Community based recovery homes are not medical service providers, they provide a safe, clean living environment for people in recovery. They are the bridge between medical substance abuse services and community living that creates long-term recovery, which transforms addicts and alcoholics that require extra support into productive, contributing members of society.
ADBHS licensure regulates organizations provide healthcare services such as hospitals, residential substance abuse treatment facilities.
Recovery housing providers do not provide mental or physical healthcare services and should not be held to the standards of healthcare organizations.
Recovery homes are classified as “Group Homes for the Handicapped” under the Federal Fair Housing Act. State law cannot usurp Federal Law.
Non-medical recovery housing providers do not have the human or financial capital to support being held to healthcare standards and paying licensing fees. They will be driven out of business if this legislation passes, creating hundreds of homeless individuals. Non-medical recovery housing providers are subject to their city’s zoning ordinances and rules.

AzRHA member programs receive certification annually upon passing AzRHA inspection, which certifies them as a quality recovery housing provider. www.myazrha.org.