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Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stay Teachable

In sobriety I have learned to become teachable. Having just returned from a 12 step meeting, a gentleman with over 44 years sober spoke about how important it still is for him to be open for the lessons. Along with teachable, another word comes to mind: humility.

Being teachable has nothing to do with school grades or degrees.

It means I’m willing to pay attention to what others are saying; by listening to their experiences,  joys and pitfalls, awakenings, and the roadblocks they have had overcome on this journey. 

The first time I read through the first 164 pages of the ‘big book’ I thought Okay now I got it! Not really. Early on my goal was to get through everything quick and fast — and it took months for my ego to get right sized.  Then and only then, did I begin to understand what being teachable meant.
I learn what to do and what NOT to do when I listen. By staying connected and showing up, I understand my disease just a little bit more, and it’s way stronger than I am. What I have in my corner though, is a powerful, loving God. When I connect — I have great chance for an amazing day.

We see men and women coming back in through the doors all the time —and they all say nothing has changed “out there.” It isn’t what we romanticize it to be.

The most painful times are watching someone leave — never making it back. So I need to be vigilant about my recovery, and practice what I was taught every day. I don’t know anyone with any amount of clean time from 2 weeks sober to 44 years who hasn’t struggled. When they share their struggles with us, we know we are not alone; nor are we unique.  Ask for help .... be open to receiving it. Stay humble.      Happy Thanksgiving.