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Monday, July 7, 2014

Paying It Forward Backwards

By Dr. Dina Evan

Dr. Evan is a life/soul coach in Arizona working with individuals, couples and corporations.  She  specializes in relationships, personal and professional empowerment, compassion and consciousness. For more information 602-997-1200, email drdbe@attglobal.net or visit www.DrDinaEvan.com

Some have misunderstood the concept of paying it forward. It’s supposed to be only the good stuff; the gifts of spirit like a book that moved you, a coffee or egg McMuffin at McDonalds for the guy in the car behind you or perhaps a compliment. Today however, to most large corporations, especially the drug companies and to many individuals, paying it forward means a total lack of responsibility by pushing your responsibility forward onto someone else.
I have osteoporosis. The drug that was recommended to me is Prolia. I was flabbergasted this week to discover that a single injection of that drug costs $900.00! How is that even possible? It’s possible because the drug companies know you need it and they can therefore ask any outrageous price they want for all the drugs they manufacture and push the responsibility for increasing profits on to us. How else can they pay those phenomenal bonuses?
Similar attitude of the V.A., right?
There is very little motivation in major corporations, city, state or national governments to cut waste, close ineffective programs or stop ludicrous pay hikes and bonuses. Instead, they just gouge more. Gas prices mysteriously rise as summer approaches and the public plans driving vacations for no apparent reason. $4.00 to park downtown for one hour! Increasing water bills and taxes are just the tip of a malicious iceberg. The most critical issue facing the companies and institutions that our nation depends on is Integrity. Today’s business world and our government are riddled with scandals resulting from the deterioration of principles, values and a lack of integrity.
Corruption is contagious and we have an epidemic when it comes to lack of responsibility and values. However, it isn’t only the big boys. Individually we do the same thing. Our boss gives us a hard time so we go home and take it out on the kids. The car in front cuts us off in traffic so we lay on the horn for the next guy. Dad makes us feel inferior so we pass that along to our spouse. We start getting afraid about money so we conveniently forget to give back that extra $5.00 we shouldn’t have gotten to the cashier.
We have somehow lost the realization that who we are individually and how we respond to what life brings us, is all that matters. It doesn’t matter what you drive or who you know. You can’t take all that stock in your portfolio with you so who cares if you are on an “A” list or “B” list. The only thing that matters, is your integrity and willingness to be responsible for every decision you make in your life. Integrity means the state of being whole and undivided…against yourself.

Remember my favorite story about Gandhi? 

It’s is one in which a mother brings her child to him from a long distance away and requests that Gandhi tell her child to stop eating sugar. Gandhi sends the mother away and asks that she return later. The mother does so somewhat disgruntled. She again takes this long trek, child in hand to Gandhi and asks again, ”Please tell my child to stop eating sugar.” Again, Gandhi sends her away and tells her to return yet another time. This goes on. The mother is becoming angrier every visit. Finally, exasperated, she returns for what she has decided will be the last time. This time, Gandhi does as she requested and he tells the child to stop eating sugar. The mother is outraged. She demands of Gandhi “Why Mahatma did you make me return so many times on this long, arduous journey until you finally told my child this thing?” Gandhi, simply replied, “ I had not yet stopped eating sugar.” Neither have we. Individually we are paying it forwards, backwards and passing along the negative attitudes that have hijacked most of our institutions and corporations.
Einstein said, “Those who follow the crowd are likely to find themselves no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone, are likely to find themselves where no one has ever been before.”

Be one of these people. 

Be courageous, different and willing to restore integrity in your own life. Start by being aware of when you are about to tell that little white lie, cheat to get an advantage, exaggerate to look better. Challenge the institutions and politicians that are not standing in their integrity. Refuse to be led by following. Listen to your own wise mind and sweet spirit and make a choice to stand in your integrity. It may not change the government or the VA but it will change the amount of joy in your own life and in the lives of those you love. What better way can you think of to claim and to celebrate independence!