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Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It’s Time to Spring

We are sitting on the edge of Spring, the season of rebirth and rejuvenation. For the earth, it’s time to blossom. The changes energize us and we begin to think about the changes we want to make in our own lives because of this sense of renewed energy. However, we often greet the idea of change with the perception that it is difficult, problematic and hard. We do that, usually, while sitting in the middle of our extreme discomfort and ignoring the urge to begin again.

Why is change so frightening? 

Moreover, why do we wait until the discomfort is unbearable or the possibility of ecstasy grabs us by the collar?
Maybe it’s because like death we are stuck in the perception that it happens to everyone else but certainly not us! You can take some comfort in knowing that if you are not changing, you are probably standing still in your own ego, afraid of being wrong. If you are changing, you are one of those courageous souls, who are awake and doing life instead of simply watching from the sidelines. Everyone experiences change. The key is to experience on your own terms. How do we do that?

First, be willing to tap into the collective wisdom of the sages in your life.

Talk to people, give yourself an information gathering time, and permission to NOT make any sudden changes until all the information is in — and your wise mind tells you that you are ready. We can become scared simply because we don’t have all the facts and are pushing ourselves to change before we are ready. I have a friend in California that never does anything until she talks to everyone this side of Mississippi. I use to think she was over doing it until I began to see how much valuable information she gathered before she made decisions. She seldom had to change her mind and almost never felt regret for the decisions she made.

Second, be willing to ask yourself to do a reality check on your beliefs. 

Are they current? Are they ideas from family and friends you gathered over the years, but with which you are really not aligned?  In other words, are they still serving you? If not, be willing to revise and up date your perception. Once you realize that your perceptions may be outdated or incorrect, it becomes easier to let them go. Actually, your perception is everything. If you think change will be hard, it usually is. If you think it will be fun and beneficial, it will be.
Third, clean up your language. Words like, “I’m trying,” or “I should,” or “I might,” leave the door open for failure. I am, It is and I have are words that indicate you have taken personal responsibility and are in the NOW. They are more empowering.
Fourth, give yourself permis
sion for change to be a journey, not an end result. Know that you will make adjustments and corrections along he way and being perfect is NOT THE GOAL. The goal is to be forever in the process of changing and growing. I hope that much of what you thought 20 years ago is very different than what you think today.

Change is inevitable 

When I do executive training, I tell corporate managers a piece of truth that is correct for all of us. ANY change will result in some good result. Change wakes us up. It reflects back to us how we are doing and it tells us what areas of our lives need attention. Change is a vote for you and the quality of your life. Some changes are monumental and these are the ones that put our priorities in order and renew our sense of purpose and ethics in life. They are a wake up call that says, Do what you came here to do and get your life back on track. In the midst of change, we are not always comfortable. However, if you look back on your life I know you will be able to see the gifts that change has brought you.
So the point is, it is time for you to start to blossom again. Trust yourself to create a life that is vibrant and worth living. Give yourself the gift of newness and exploration. You are worth it and this is the season. Go stir things up and see what blooms…maybe you will.