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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Your Master Teacher

You are missing it! You could be missing all the fun, all the excitement and all the gifts. Most of us go through life from circumstance to circumstance and person to person without realizing that we are missing the most precious gifts that life has to offer.
We just monotonously get up, go to work, come home, occasionally see friends, go to meetings and wonder what it’s all about and why am I really here?

Okay, here’s your answer.

You are here to wake up and I am going to tell you how to do that. It may seem a bit weird at first, but stay with me. You’ll be glad you did.
First, you need to understand that this planet is a school. If you are here you have graduated to what I call a Human Arts Degree. What that means is that the Universe is giving an unparalleled opportunity to bump your consciousness up to a level and frequency that will get you into Higher Consciousness College where you get to make decisions about your future that are amazing. So, how do we graduate this level and school? The first thing, you want to understand is that you are going to class everyday whether you acknowledge it or not.

Life is the class and every circumstance and person in it is your teacher. Let me explain.
That wonderful partner you have, whom you are trying to change because you want him or her to be more like you, is providing and exam on your tolerance for difference, your need for sameness and your level of acceptance. How are you doing?
That job you hate but just can’t leave, well, that’s a test about your level of courage and willingness to accept change. It’s also about giving yourself what you deserve in this life and not wasting your choice to be born.

All those nasty criticisms about yourself that come from the back seat of your consciousness are exams on self-acceptance and self-love. You get to tell them to be still and let them know a better way to support you. They are probably mimicking mom or dad.

That tattered homeless man you cursed at and wished would just get the hell out of your way is a teacher on your level of humanity and compassion.

That extra, unexpected expense you had this month with the car is a test on your level of trust and belief in yourself. Chin up, look behind you at all the things you have already overcome.

The person at work, who drives you insane with his lack of integrity and personal responsibility, is all about your boundaries and your decisions to be who you are in spite of what anyone else may be doing.

That sweet young thing who keeps taking advantage of you and draining your bank account is testing whether you will respect your own boundaries or continue to sacrifice your self and your safety for something that isn’t really love.

That friend who continues to lead you down the wrong path and encourage you to make the wrong decision is testing to see how long you are willing to ignore the wisdom inside of you, before you step into your own power.

That house that fell through is teaching you that the Universe has your back even when you don’t think so because soon you’ll see the plumbers truck in the drive as you go by.
You’ll get the gift of deeper understanding when that job you wanted falls through and later you find out the guy who would be supervising you is a lot like your Dad, who never gave you credit for anything.
Those classes you couldn’t get in to are teaching you to trust your wise mind because the Universe has another path in store for you that you will love.

Are you staring to get the picture? 
Every single event in our life and every person in it is a master teacher — if we are awake and open to the lesson. Being born and coming to this planet is not about anyone else. It’s all about you and how much you want to grow in any given lifetime. All the choices are yours. No there are no grades. There is no punishment. There are no rewards. There are only consequences. There really isn’t even any hurry. You get to graduate when you are ready. You have all the power and you get to decide who you want to be and what you what to do with this precious life you chose. After all, you chose the curriculum. In case you didn’t get the impactful point of that last statement…congratulations, you are the most powerful master in your own life.